What My Mother Gave Me

Edited by Elizabeth Benedict

What is the most meaningful gift that your mother ever gave you?

Whether it’s an old family recipe, an heirloom, or something less tangible, most people have an answer to this question. Here are the answers of some of your favorite women writers (captured in photos) based on the new book, What My Mother Gave Me: Thirty-One Women on the Gifts That Mattered Most.

Please submit your own photo by clicking on the link below and add to the collection. Every gift, no matter how modest, tells a story--we want to hear yours!


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Caroline Leavitt’s mother gave her a photograph:


 ”I know what she has given me. Not just a deeper part of herself, a part she’s kept hidden that she was now giving me permission to show off. She gave me not just a photo I loved, but a message. Look deeper. Don’t accept the version of the truth you were told. There are stories behind stories. The truth is always right in front of you if you are patient enough to search for it.”

(Caroline Leavitt’s mother is the girl on the far right)


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